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We are successfully restoring hair loss and scalp irritations the natural way, by using just Plants, Seeds and Oils!

When it comes to hair loss, natural is always best. Hair loss is such a lonely, devastating journey, but we are here to support you through it.  


In order to restore your air, it’s important to understand common causes for hair loss in the Afro community.  




Traction Alopecia is a type of hair loss. caused by constant pulling (“traction”).

The pulling is usually on some hairs or more, than others leading to the development of bald patches. Often, this type of alopecia is due to the hairs

being pulled repeatedly by tight hairstyles.


Traction alopecia is hair loss related to Afro hairstyles. braids, tight ponytails, lace/ wigs are all held responsible.

These protective hairstyles however preserve the lengths of your hair,

however, sometimes they are too heavy or too tight. Gradually, they weaken

the hair bulb. Wigs suffocate the follicles and eventually kill them.

The traction exerted then moves the hair fibber away from its root. The blood circulation is slowed down by these irritations, which makes the hair follicle hardly productive, if productive at all.

The hair shedding is localised at the temples (edges) and forehead, this is

typical of this mechanical phenomenon. The hairline thus moves back a few millimetres to several centimetres. The hair becomes more fragile and

continues to move back to the crown of the head (vertex).


Sometimes inflammation of the scalp accompanies traction alopecia. It is characterised by pimples around the hair follicles. You can see this clearly when you do a tight style, where follicles fill with plasma (white blood cells) and become raised.  




Afro hair is by nature more vulnerable. Consequently, it must benefit from constant vigilance over the care to be provided to it. Certain styling habits weaken the hair fibber and the scalp. The heat of a blow dryer or straightening iron accentuates this sensitivity. 


Chemical straightening treatments can damage your hair’s  length, making shedding worse. Repeated colouring has the same effect.  By chemicals at times we isolate it to chemical relaxers.  As innocent as shampoo sounds, it is a combination of  harsh chemicals that hair and scalp do not tolerate.  They display their  by hair becoming dry and brittle and scalp is easily irritated.  .  Shampoo shuts the hair shaft as a protective measure to stop chemicals seeping into the blood stream, which in turn makes it very difficult for hair to be absorb moisture.  The scalp reacts by creating an extra layer of skin to protect itself from the residues.

of the chemicals in shampoo, and other chemically enhanced products, again to create a barrier to the blood stream, which then becomes dandruff.  

These frequent gestures, seemingly harmless, ultimately lead to hair breakage, and eventually hair loss. 


FOR INFANTS, Babies spend a lot of time laying down.  The thinning and balding to the back and sides of their heads are caused by friction of the head rubbing on cotton material daily and through the night.


FOR MEN, getting shape ups with clippers is always a bad idea.  The clippers cause traction, making your hairline recede over time.  Wearing hats for prolongs periods will suffocate the follicles, which will stop producing hair. to avoid this its best to use a blade for shape ups.  Another reason for male hair loss is the harsh water. Water in the western hemisphere is filled with chemicals that harm the scalp.  Men who wash their hair daily, find that they start to loose hair from thinning to complete baldness.  The harsh wasters on the scalp daily makes the follicles shrink over time, until they completely shut, leading to hair loss. Do not wash your hair daily, instead opt for 1-2 times weekly.



Allergic reactions to hair products can irritate the scalp and hair follicles, resulting in itching. In most cases, the reactions are mild, and any scalp irritation or inflammation is temporary. However, if the irritation persists, it can damage the hair follicles and cause hair loss.  Other causes of scalp irritations can be Scalp Eczema, Folliculitis, Psoriasis, and Dandruff




The lack of vitamin D particularly hangs over melanated skin. The stronger the pigmentation, the less the body produces this essential element. However, several studies demonstrate its decisive role in the growth and renewal of the hair.

B vitamins also have a major role. A diet devoid of these essential nutrients can therefore have negative consequences. Vitamins B3, B5, B6, B8, B12 help preserve and strengthen the health of your hair. Some regenerate the hair fibber, others boost the renewal of the hair follicle. 

Iron deficiency can also explain this phenomenon. Screening is systematic in women on certain occasions (IUD placement, heavy periods, etc.). Of course, many diseases are also responsible of this void. Without imagining the worst, it should not be taken lightly.


Tiredness, stress, emotional disturbances can be the cause of this annoyance. Have there been any significant changes in your life lately? Moving, different climate, new lifestyle habits are helping to disrupt your body.

In addition, certain specific medical treatments sometimes have the same repercussions.

Hormonal changes sometimes cause alopecia. In the lives of women, there are specific periods such as childbirth, menopause. In men, aging also causes a remarkable drop in hormones. 

Finally, the origins of alopecia are sometimes multiple. So consider several parallel hypotheses. If the problem is treated in time, the regrowth will be fine and fragile at first, but still possible.

Whatever we do on the outside can balance what is happening inside.

Real people, real results!!