About UsAfroHairCandy 🍃goes back to ancient African haircare routines to cleanse, moisturise, seal the moisture and protective style, using fresh organic plants, seeds and oils, blended into fresh products to enrich your hair and scalp with moisture. 

This will work to retain your hair length and will promote hair growth.  We have produced a range of 6 products, a Co-wash, Deep Conditioner, a Leave in Conditioner/Hair Moisturiser, Chebe Butter, a Moisturising Hair Spray and a Moisturising Hair Gel/Edge Control. 

Due to the health risks associated with preservatives and chemicals used in Afro hair products, with  AfroHairCandy🍃 we are proud to introduce products that are 100% Chemical free, preservatives free, artificial colouring free, with no artificial perfumes. We are completely organic, fridge stored products.

We focus on natural products for moisture as these are the conditions that curly and coily hair need for growth, length retention, healthy hair and scalp, combined with protective styling.  

Products from nature work well with curly and coily hair as it is what our hair expects and needs, making hair care effortless, quick and easy.  It's time to start enjoying your curly and coily hair with AfroHairCandy🍃 Product range, as our ancestors intended. 

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